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Feb 2013
It surprises me how such little things, can bring the deepest kind of pain.
How they say sticks and stones can break your bones but that words will never hurt.
Words don't hurt in a physical sense, but they bring scars nonetheless.

It's also surprising that who says these words to you, changes the amount of pain you feel.
When it's someone you love, it's like a stab in the neck.
A gunshot in the leg and a wound in your chest.
When it's someone who barely knows you, the words don't mean much to you.

Being called dumb, stupid, a lazy ***.
Hearing insults from the ones you love.
Does it hurt so bad because it's a surprise?
When you least expect it, they turn and knock you on your side.

Can you tell them your hurt, that they need to stop?
No, you can't, probably not.
Just let those words gnaw on your brains
Eat your insides out, drive you insane.
When you reach the point where you can't be helped, when you are no longer yourself.
That's when they'll ask what happened to you and that's when you finally tell them the truth.
How the insults they made everyday, kept breaking your heart day after day.
How they killed you inside bit by bit
Till you burst with all those feelings you kept.
When you are out of your mind, let them know
Tell them how they hurt you so.
Then they'll see what their harsh words did
And hopefully they'll learn from their big mistake.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
   Timothy and Elizabeth Paxton
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