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Mar 2019
sometimes i wish i could just wish them away
the people who live in this house with me
sometimes i wish they would go away
and just leave me alone to be

sometimes i just wanna live in my own world
at night when no one else is awake
when i can be myself and be free in being myself
and not worry one single bit

i want to be alone in my being alone
and not think of anyone else
more importantly, i want them to shut up
so that i wouldn't ever need to hear their voice ever again

i hate the sound of their voice
i hate it when they speak
i hate it when they tell me things
i hate it when they talk to me

i just wanna be alone
i just wanna be without them
even the sound of their laughter is awful
it's disgusting me

i hate it
i hate it, really
i can't even write this stupid thing
because their voices are too much

i can't find the words
the right words to express it
i hate it, i hate them
i want them away

i want them to go away
i want to be alone
i hate them
please go

please, just go
i want to be alone
i want to be alone
i want to be alone

i want to be alone.
Written by
ruqayyah  19/F
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