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Mar 2019
And I can sometimes feel myself
spiralling down the stairs of your heart
Slowly drawing away from the affection
we once intertwined our fingers to
Is anything ever enough for you?
My deepest fear was by far losing you
but at this point in time I think
my deepest fear was actually losing myself
through loving you
I drew a picture of my self portrayed as an attachment
beside your being on canvas
That was my first mistake
Being an attachment and not an asset
Being an attachment and not a soulmate
Being an attachment instead of being a part of you
You let me grow onto your skin like fungus
refusing to scrap away from your abuse
in belief that that’s how we’re supposed to be handled
You left me mistreated as if abandonment was the definition of my name
And although I may seem like the stupid one here
the reality is that I was only blind
You played all your cards right
with the all so attractive face
I saw your lips constantly promise me lies
and that’s when I knew for sure that
the three special words that are most often used,
are rather quite abused and in many times by you
That it’s people of your replica who
**** out the saucy meaning from pleasures
and scrap away it’s taste
Both when it comes to words
and when it comes to sacrifice
I gave up my purity
for the desire of your heart and
for the feel of your touch
It’s quite sad and rather embarrassing
to realise how mislead I was
A dog, I felt like, astray
and pushed away
with plenty of dismay
when I thought I was okay
And even though I can sit here today
and proclaim a testimony,
my prognostication is the continuous witnessing of acrimony
When women generalise that
‘men are trash’,
it’s sad to know that only a few spoiled the rest
Because it’s true that not all are the same
but once so much has been taken away from you,
it’s difficult to try and stay sane
But now, as I keep
spiralling down the stairs of your heart
Slowly drawing away from the affection
we once intertwined our fingers to,
I’ll always remember that it was not only you
who had the souls of our girls
but rather the influence of the ***** grains
that claimed they had the world in the palms of their hands
when really, all they were taught too
was the misinterpreted identity
of what a dominating male is perceived to be like
Written by
PoeticPresident  16/F
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