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Mar 2019
Simple words off a lonely page,
Could never describe how special you are,
Before you ignore, before you leave,
Understand that you are loved,

You are cared for,

If not now,
In the future,
It's never too late to try,
Out of every darkness,
Comes a light,

And even if you feel worthless,
If you feel all those ugly words twisting inside,

Stop for a moment to see,
See who you are as a whole,

You aren't worthless,
You aren't alone,
You deserve the very best,
If not more,

Every smile counts,
Are you blind to the smiled you've caused,
You may not see it but people know your cost,
You may not believe it but people will miss you if you're gone,

Believe the words I say,
When I say, it will get better,
You will grow,
It doesnt matter how old you are!
So don't end it now,
Don't end it when you have so much to live for,
And see where the wind carries you tomorrow.
I don't know if the people reading this will take it seriously but please, please talk to someone if you feel like you want to hurt yourself, if you feel like you deserve it. Cause no matter what you have done, what you look like, who you are, it may not matter to someone else. And if it does, surround yourself with better people who know who you are and accept you. Even if it may seem unlikely, the world has seven billion people and there are so so many people out there who could love you. So don't stop trying to find those people.
Written by
Cynthia  16/F/Somewhere
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