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Mar 2019
Let’s meet with my forlornness,
I have named mine forlornness as “Sunflower”,
We overlooked it at a coffee shop the previous evening,
When our eyes meet, it grew two wings and kept flew away,
And a seed of depression “Asparagus” budding deeper in my heart,
Sunflower and I, none had an idea to spell it right,
Yet you don't abandon it,
I keep a pocket word reference’
to name everybody's forlornness right,
But I am not able to smell the fragrance of their forlornness
and how could I? Because you can’t name the other’s forlornness,
I sometimes prefer to take a purple knife,
And cut the roots of “a Sunflower” forever and ever
but I wonder if I really killed the sunflower with a purple knife,
so there have any feelings left in me?
I wonder, there has anybody whose forlornness’
match with mine and our forlornness does not need of the purple knife’
to ****, but a need of the hug of affection to bud the roses of happiness’
within us!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed
Written by
Nida Mahmoed  27/F/Pakistan
     Jim Musics and Traveler
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