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Mar 2019
we are a graveyard
the birds don't sing there
and I won't come
the history is written on me always
my fettered spirit swaying like a cloud
innocence underwater
this war has made us
ghosts of each other
praying that the light of sunset
drips over everything
until it's all golden and dry
and I can't remember
the sharpness of everything

the bitterness, the sour tasting memories
I drink each time I see your name
no kindness or happy time
could cast over this shadow
Someone else's angel, maybe
but you are my dreamless sleep

these nameless headstones serve us
like black water in a desert
with my forgiveness, please take
your life and your ghost and your wondering
out of this barren forest, this abyssal nothing
into the warmth of reflections
that have smiles left to offer
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