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Mar 17
Hey old friend ,
Haven't talked for awhile ,
I saw your face and it made me smile ,
Remembering Long nights ,
The ones where music spoke,
The silence as it comforted us,
I let you see things nobody knows,
Don't know where it went wrong,
Guess there was too much weight to carry,
That's okay darling cause battling two ships can be scary,
I hope you are doing well ,
I hope she makes you laugh,
I hope that God is with you ,
And that these good days last,
So goodbye old friend ,
I hope we meet soon,
And if not in this life again,
Then one where misty gardens bloom.
I thought of you today and cried. Then I found these words and cried again. Some memories hurt to have, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. The briefest time with you, is enough to carry me through. Thanks for being you.
Rochelle R
Written by
Rochelle R  Purgatory
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