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Mar 16
March 15 2019

The caged man goes insane
The free man lives in a cage
For the bars of life we do not see
But once seen. It can't be unseen

There are no secrets
Just forgotten knowledge
Every action we act upon
Is written in our books of life

The brain is a complex mystery
So many miles of history
Days and days and hours and hours
Sometimes sweet. Sometimes sour

Some candy we wish to share
In little games. Like truth or dare
Other candy is smoldering. Poison
So we wish to hide it
Never unleashed.
We never confide it

It eats at us day by day
Growing bigger and bigger
It becomes a burden
It becomes our pain

If only we could let it go
And feel the rain. Fanning the flames
No more rush. No more pain
No more insanity. Just the rain

It would keep falling and falling
Until we drown
Not a murmur in our last sleep
Just silence. No sound

All of it i think about
Purposeless. Pointless
Every lifes lesson. Forgotten
When we fade into the grass at last
The dark abyss. Darkness's Grasp.
Death is there you know
Shunned and hidden away
But in plain sight with us
Life and death
Time memories and feelings
The elements of life are more than love
Theres so many emotions worth keeping
I love tears. I love sadness
So let it rain. And let me drown
I have a rubber ducky.
So iam set and sound. :P
Lexilcon Condranax
Written by
Lexilcon Condranax  27/M/Austin Texas
(27/M/Austin Texas)   
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