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i remember when we first met
there were butterflies in my stomach
you were sweet
i couldn’t taste anything else
we danced
and i couldn’t help but amazed

you were nothing like a threat
so i ****** it up and took the bullet

i was finally aware
when you made me burn that cigarette
and poured me in liquors
putting all the complexity inside me
not that it was something i hate
but you revealed your real face

i believed it’ll pass
and you were not an ***
but i discovered the abyss
that lies within your kiss

you abandoned me here
alone and broken
with thoughts of perfections
that’s just merely thoughtless imaginations

there were only cigarette packs
and my heartbreak
i used to light one
and felt the freedom filled my lungs
now i light one
and only feel the burns in my heart
what you left me with.
Written by
devine  17/F
   Fawn and BlackAndWhiteStars
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