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Mar 2019
you seemed shocked when i told you
i’ve never seen star wars
or godfather I or II.
Nor have I seen pulp fiction,
ferris buellers day off,
little rascals
or most marvel movies.
you insist on a movie night,
“i can’t let you sit there uncultured”
you say with a smile.
i agree knowing that i won’t remember the movies.
all i’ll remember is you sitting close to me
too nervous to hold my hand, but too stubborn to move away.
i’ll remember seeing out of the corner of my eye, you watching me in awe.
probably thinking “how beautiful”
and you aren’t even watching the movies.
you’re watching me,
staring at me,
longing for me.
all i want is for you to grab my hand
and take me in your arms
make me yours.
don’t be embarrassed my prince...
i want you too.
Written by
lovely  17/F/the floor
(17/F/the floor)   
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