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you hold my hand
and i ask why you haven’t let go yet
“because it’s you”
you reply

you ask to hug me
you stand there for
what seems like forever
i ask why you haven’t let go
“because it’s you”
you say again

when you let go
your face lingers in front of mine
for about five seconds
and then it gets closer
and closer
my breath is shaking
my heart is racing
you kiss me
lingering for ten seconds
then you pull away
you smile and look like you’re going to explode
i ask why you’re freaking out
“because it’s you”
you laugh and kiss me again

you tell me i’m beautiful
and that it’s a shame i don’t know
and i ask why would you say that
it’s not correct
“because it’s you and you’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen”
you say with a smile

i tell you you’re handsome
you say no
i say yes
and then i say agree to disagree
and you say no
and i say “because it’s you”

what happens when we get older
you go one way and i go another
when we meet again
and you say i’m beautiful
and that you loved me
and i ask why
you’ll say
“because it’s you”
Written by
lovely  17/F/the floor
(17/F/the floor)   
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