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Mar 2019
this place feels eerily familiar
the same empty walls and cold tile floor
i sit and stare at the ground
listening to the conversations
and preparing myself

“it’s just a check-up”
it’s a lie, they know somethings wrong
stand on the scale, take off your shirt
little did they know my temporary weight comes in the form of water

sit up straight, don’t forget to smile
she’s watching every move
“so tell me about your mood”
copacetic as always

she scribbles quickly on her clipboard
i can tell she’s going to offer again
“and have you considered?”
to tell you the truth im scared
but i need all the help i can get

so i’ll give it a try
60mg a day is a small price to pay
for the chance of balancing the chemicals and finding the light again one day

the dark is cold and im sick of being alone
i think it’s time to find a new home
Written by
Marissa  20/F/massachusetts
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