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Mar 15
Disclosure:  this is my personal view of my own church.  I understand others may have an alternative view so please tolerate my opinion.


The Devil lives in the church in the open
He’s enabled by the blind and unknowing
He stirs the congregation
Through men of ordination

They point their finger to justice that’s social
While the confessional loses those of devotion
They’ve missed the point of the Word
And quelled the children that should be heard

The loss of innocence is the crime
The priests should look inward this time
The Pope! Where are you? I say
You say for the children you’ll pray

“We’re sorry for those which we hurt”
But hide the guilty behind Her skirt
The martyred do scream for attention
Of the church the priests will not mention

In fact it careens out of hand
When will the people demand?
Expel those who touch with greed!
The children whose love they don’t need

So on we’ll be faithful at mass
And be lectured by the crass
Unforgiven, should they be?
For the sin of duplicity?

Popes and Bishops open your eyes!
Your flock is sick of the lies
Your priests and deacons from the closet are out
Congregation push the Devil out
Written by
Scot  M/Las Montanas
(M/Las Montanas)   
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