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Mar 2019
Do you remember the exact moment when
You finally stopped counting
The cigarettes you lit
The times you uttered ****
The pages you torn
The calls you missed
The opportunities you gave up
The promises you broke
The moments you said goodbye
The bridges you burned
The words you never said
Do you remember when the
Record kept going higher,
Faster than you could count,
You lost track of the last number?
Was this the tenth time I let you down?
Is this the fifth day in a row of the both of us not talking?
I mean, why does it even matter?
The world has turned more times
than we could tally,
The sun sets every day,
Numbers, they go on forever
And so could we

is2g there's a point i'm trying to get across here somewhere
Written by
derailed-trains  20/F/PH
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