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Mar 13

he so lion-like
I feel like a nervous zebra
in my black&white stripped dress

he looks upon me
as prey...I pray
move slowly away

he stalks me across
the Serengeti living room
I spill champagne down my cleavage

I chat to
( and hide behind )
a baboon-like man

Lion licks his lips
he lets an oyster slip
down his throat in one...gulp!

he spears an olive
on a cocktail stick
I Olive can only stare

Lion sits on the arm
of my armchair
"Well...well...look who we have here?"

I startle
try to bolt away
his eyes pin me to the chair

too terrified to say
"No!" I say "YES. . !"
What am I saying!

we have ***
in the upstairs loo
outside some curses

a pool of *****
outside the loo door
I step daintily over it

his eyes track
other prey
growls "See ya around babe!"

I cry into my dry
***** running down my left leg
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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