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Mar 2019
So as I walking down memory lane
Passing by the house of Jane   More like a house of pain...t
All washed down, different faded colours that replaced each other over the years
A dog named Scars lifts his ears

My childhood thoughts flood my head
And childish emotions drench my oversized yellow gum boots
It's like I'm back there again
The bell of a bike chimes behind me at a distance  
"Life's a *******, " the all too familiar voice of the rider shouts
And I look up just in time to see her, Life
Hanging by no more than a string, on a dark cloud with no silver lining
"She is isn't she?
The type you can't help loving though,"
I say just below the sound of screeching tyres
I turn searching for my first best friend's response
There's no direct one, but I believe he agrees with me
Because he is there, just...something like a pile of bones and steel
Reaching, with all he has, for dear Life
Yet she keeps drifting further away until
The only thing that can catch up with her is his spirit
And his spirit and soul have to separate

Miss Fit
Life has a way of bringing back memories that you hoped would never turn up
Miss Fit
Written by
Miss Fit  22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe
(22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe)   
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