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Mar 2019
There is a game beyond games
Where the players of players
Compete beyond competition
To win the prize of prizes.
Beyond the eye of eyes,
They hide in a veil of veils
Thinking beyond thought,
Surveying the surveyors
With servants serving beyond serving.

Vanity of vanities is this game beyond games;
For who can be beyond being with this prize of prizes?

The time beyond times is the inevitable fate of all fates;
All will soon meet the final purge of purging
And either live beyond dying,
Or die beyond living,
Regardless of who won winning
Or lost beyond losing.

Even the prize of prizes
Cannot transcend the order beyond order
Created by the creator of creators,
For the prize of prizes is but a mirage of mirages
Fed by the lie beyond lies to the dopes of dopes
Who, in their vainglory of vainglories,
Think they can become king of kings,
Clinging to their own frame of frames with their might, only finite,
Knowing that only just one Word beyond words shall fell them.

This Word beyond words
Has already won beyond the game beyond games,
Who always is and who was and who’s yet to come
Who sees beyond the eye of eyes
And through the veil of veils
No thought beyond thought is beyond His thinking
No surveyor beyond His surveillance,
And no servant beyond His serving
For He is also the servant of servants

Hear this, O world:
The true King of kings and Lord of lords,
Is the servant of servants
And plays no games.
Boris Sitnikoff
Written by
Boris Sitnikoff  23/M/USA
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