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Mar 11
Trying to move on from rejection
Is like a drug addict attempting to come clean
In your mind you think you can do it
It will be easy and won't take too long
But moving on is a great struggle
Removing yourself from the chemical that pleases you
Doesn't seem to make any sense
You ask, "why can't I just stay with it? It makes me happy?"
A real, physical pain lingers in your body for the first few days
They say to take it one day at a time
But seeing your object of affection drives you mad
You want it so much even though it's wrong
The pleasure that comes with it will make everything better
The consequences afterwards don't matter
For it is outweighed by the few minutes of peace
Lovers aren't thought to be blamed personally
They didn't choose love
Drug addicts, on the other hand, are blamed for their choices
Their pain was caused by their actions
Both are not to be blamed
They are the same
Lovers and drug addicts suffer the same pain
Laura Uhrynowski
Written by
Laura Uhrynowski  F/Somewhat Sane, USA
(F/Somewhat Sane, USA)   
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