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Mar 11
i'm a bleeding-hearts project;
a charity case.
i'm a target you can't hit
in the worst ******* way.

she got me to quit,
(at least for a second,)
but what did i expect?
a manic pixie dream girl
to put it all to rest?
the drinking and drugging
and parties and chugging
that bottle joe came with-
and what's this **** laced with?

the funnels and hot tubs
and ***** to mop up
and mornings in cold sweats
and gatorade regret?

life happens too fast,
and then you're all blast
off that perky you railed,
and your phone chimes-
just once-
and her name is on the screen.

"I just want to know that you're okay.
I miss you.
I hope you know that I had to do this,
and I wasn't ashamed to kiss you.
Call me if you want.
If not that's fine.
Just read this message
so I know you're alive.
Love you."

your heartbeat slows down,
and ****.

it's cold down here.
sorry that i rhymed "with" to "with"
i was in the zone man
Genevieve Claire
Written by
Genevieve Claire  17/F/USA
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