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Mar 10
As your buried in my head
All you've said, nothing is left
Distant and far, reserved as you are
I am shook to see your reaction to me
But please just leave me be
But please do it peacefully
I don't want a war with no treaty
Especially one with you and
We just can't
Got what it takes, but the stakes are high
And a lake is ignored by me
Your reaction is like a storm
As I get hit by more
A door leads out as I fall to the floor
In a store of wild boars as I am tore
And your roar is silent but my core is tore
As I soar through this open door
I will never forget this time
As I say I'm fine but my mind
Is pulsing in pain, my brain
Has a stain as you are the stain
My pain came from your fame
And your the same as the rest now
As I just wait for another guest now
Never good enough, rough stuff
I bluff as they love, I just
Go and seek another
Sleek and slow lover
Critique and no other
I just love her
This one of my new favorites
Written by
Jordan Hudson
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