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Mar 10
I spent so long just trying
to hide the words inside
I don’t know how to say them
but heaven knows I’ve tried.

You’ve let me down another time,
and worst of all is this:
I’m not surprised about it,
I’m just deep in my abyss.

I cannot say a single thing.
I cannot tell you how
your lack of care still hurts me
all this pain that you allow.

It digs and cuts so fiercely
the bleeding just won’t stop.
I’ve given up on trying.
I’ll just bleed out every drop.

I’ve spent so long all quiet
with my words all bottled up
I’ve lost the will to say them
and I just don’t give a ****.

I’m always left forgotten.
Placed in the back to sit
brought forward when convenient
and you never give a ****.

I see I’m unimportant.
I’m not woven in your life.
But I wove you into mine, love
and know I need to find a knife.

To cut the cords that tie you
to the fibers of my heart.
But You’re woven in so tightly,
It’ll rip me clean apart.
Written by
Lorrin  21/F
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