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Mar 10
Why does she always leave when I close my eyes?
Beneath the veil of love
They will always despise.
My mind is merciless
Won't let me be
Executes me even in times of glee.

She says she'll never leave me
Why don't I believe her?
An angel is no deceiver.
Why do I feel all alone?
Losing that warm embrace
Turns my heart to stone.

I am a moth
Love is my desire.
If I'm ever in solitude
I fly into the fire.
Sometimes it burns me to cinder
A few times, a sort of gold
But even as gold, fear looks to hinder.
And I wish I could have a moment of silence in my head
Just a moment where I feel secure
A second where I believe what is said.

Everyday, I worry she'll be gone
I know I should just bask in the fact she's here
And that I love her
And that I'd do anything for her
But my anxiety
Spins in a void circle
And my thoughts
My conscious
My hope
My happiness
Just get completely crumbled under
A storm of madness.
I long for some way to ensure
Some way of feeling
Some sense of love that is truly secure
Won't you please just stay? Won't I please stop worrying?
Written by
JM Sutherland  22/M/Tucson, AZ
(22/M/Tucson, AZ)   
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