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Mar 2019
I don't know how to say just how I feel
He does that to me
Takes the words out of my mouth
Makes me feel complete again
They dashed me against the rocks
He saw the good and picked up the pieces
Put them back together
The pieces that were lost he replaced
He tells me he loves me
He'll wait for me
But why
He'll find someone better
They always do
They always move on
But that's alright
Because for a few months at least
I have love, and I am loved
And for a few months I am complete
I know it won't last
But for now
For now I am free
And for now I am happy
I know I won't survive after it ends
But I can for now
For him
he left me, I was right. They always do
Written by
Quinn  16/FTM/US of A
(16/FTM/US of A)   
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