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Mar 2019
a world thats still learning,
a world that is in decay,
a world that knows not where it began,
a world full of misconceptions,
a world where imagination fuels progress,
a world where the veil has yet to be removed,

generation after generation we still find more to fill
in our text books, and note books too the brim,
so much knowledge yet to be portrayed in various ways.

the fall of empires, industries that once thrived, now dwindle away
into the abyss, did they really exist or just another figment of another's imagination?

so much debate on where it all began, never knowing when time began,
yet always hopeful to find the point of origin.

news channels, search engines, even basic television shows, portray on that of what one wants you to see, taken with a grain of salt and benefit of the doubt,
many come to their own conclusions while others dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

ones dreams come a reality once pen hits paper, and from paper comes discussion and ideas are formed, plans are made, and action is later on taken,
new inventions and forms of entertainment, progress that keeps the cogs of the war machines turning.

to some we live in peace and harmony, to others its hidding and avoiding the onslaught on violence that terrorizes them day and night, hoping for a day of peace, or at least a bit less blood shed and loved ones becoming lost ones.
Written by
Try  26/M/Astral Plain
(26/M/Astral Plain)   
   gabriella garcia
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