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Mar 2019
When Nancy smiled, the world smiled.
There is naught that can erase
Her smile that's etched into my heart--
A smile that brightly lit up her face.

Think of a lustrous beam of light
That blissfully penetrates
A pitch-black night or darkest gloom--
That rapturously radiates.

Such a beam was Nancy's charm;
Such a beam was Nancy's smile.
How I envy her effortless laugh,
Her quick wit, her perky style!

Three daughters left behind
Inherited their mother's charming
Traits: her wit, her zest for life,
Her smile so radiant and disarming.

More than once Nancy faced
Close calls but vanquished death.
While paying one more visit, the thief
Absconded with her final breath.

I hope that when my end draws near,
I can be as calm, as brave.
I hope that I can take with me
Her beautiful smile to my grave.

-by Bob B (3-8-19)
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
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