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Feb 2013
Listening to your song on the radio now about how you lost your girl,
Apologizing, begging for a second chance.
Swearing you'll do all the things you never could when you were my man.
He's been holding my hand the way you never did,
Cause you could never understand the love we had.
Baby can't you see all the flowers he bought me,
those white roses you failed to pick up time after time.
All the love he's been giving me because you were too busy taking me for granted.
Don't you bother calling cause my new man,
he'll be taking me to every party,
Remember how I loved to dance.
Your song on the radio about how you failed to be mine,
Now your baby's dancing
But she’s dancing with another man.
Inspired by the song When I was your man-Bruno Mars, Its kind of like a reply to the song. Listen to the song while reading it (:
The Habits of My Heart
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