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Mar 2019
My dark days

It’s not just me, is it? That goes through this.
Days where you feel like you can’t take it no more. The silence is deafening. Nothing around you seems to make sense. Voices you craved before just sounds like noise. The touch that was formerly soothing now just irritates your skin.

You just want to be left alone but at the same time you don’t.
You feel like no one understands. Everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. Only if you could drag yourself out of this sunken place. Or maybe the fear is you’ll drag someone with you into the sunken place.

Only if you had a shoulder to lean on. You’ve tried using your shoulders but the weight pilled up and pulled you down. The tears come slowly down your cheeks. You wipe them off and in few seconds you repeat. I’m guessing this happens to everyone but if it doesn’t well I’m afraid, I just gave a glimpse of

My dark days.
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