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Mar 2019
On my way to Mandalay the pilot dressed in drag

he put me in a pink rose dress then offered me a ***

I took a puff and sure enough a smile lit up his face

tangerine clouds soft not loud were in our flying space

pretty Kings such sweet things were walking down the aisle

they sashayed as they swirled along looking very royal

lipstick hipstick very slick sticks dangling in mid air

the pilot's name was Willie Dame - not that you should care

Up above no push or shove everything's a howl

all the make up all the fake up is loaded with a trowel

every dress I must confess is picked from a hen nights rags

all the brights all the tights look good on all the drags

You might think the plane is pink - well sorry you are wrong

it's a garish hue a soft silk blue it's emblem is a thong

on my way to Mandalay the pilot dressed in drag

When I arrived more than alive I suffered no jet lag

All the Queens and all the Kings and all the things refine

are yours to try when next you fly with royal Drag Queen Airlines
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
   Wk kortas
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