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Mar 2019
His teeth were false
but so was she
her tear-dropped gentle sob
his flashing smile concealed from her
a gurnied gummy gob

He wore a wig
but so did she
not just for satisfaction
she had to stack the odds her way
the laws of sweet attraction

His words were lies
but so were hers
she only wanted money
he told her he was stinking rich
she said she was his honey

He lied about his love for art
she told him he was great
and all the while she sized him up
to be her wedded mate

Many times she held his hand
many times she cried
said she lived for only him
and would until she died

That fateful day he told the truth
he had to let it out
she hit the roof and blew her top
began to scream and shout

'You lying swine!'
'I gave my all'
she uttered in a sob
his jaw dropped then
and as it did
revealed  his gummy gob

His teeth were false
but so was she
she lorded over men
they both threw out their ghastly wigs
and never met again

Yes -.his teeth were false
but so was she...
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
   Wk kortas
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