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Mar 4
Struggled each and every day just find a reason for It all, many times In the past thought I'd reach a certain age and never live
But that age has past to reach the age I'm now, made It to retirement but sadly now without my wife when I met my girl that was the only thing I'd ever
Helen and I to reach the age of retirement together but with this government ever changing rule's to pension would have made Impossible
Any chance of this ever coming to being
sometimes I'm convinced this so-call governments plan to make pension age so high we work till we drop
No need for a state pension their financial problems solved more to spend on their own greedy selves Sometimes think they'd sell
there own grandmothers to satisfy their greed for power and
Personally, I think they are a disgusting excuse for human beings who destroy everything they
touch they've come
Into government like a plague
but only affecting the poor
of our country as for them
they are not
For they have bought immunity with their wealth but sadly us poor folks can't afford they
will live, and we
poor will die and the government will become even richer on
all the money they'll save
due to the death of the poor
Im shaw this so called government Is trying to
**** us all off by raiseing
again the pension
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
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