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Mar 4
i put my heart gently upon the water
        she usually grazes softly against each wave,
with the silence of a church nave
     mimicking that gentle pry  
of prayer-filled halls.

i unroll her scripture
   making sure to lay her out completely,
allowing her to speak at ease
she is fluent in its ebb and flow
and it is rude to interrupt
   i listen with curiosity, and some intent
hidden to myself
      i watch her agitation bubble and build
the  anger become apparent,
        her anger becomes a parent
kicking and
what they call the ripple effect

     of heavy breathing
or in other words, a young heart's teething

she ***** about, makes a scene,
      holds her breath
pouring into a voluminous body of water

the  endless volumes

of my body of     water

she pours in proclamation
this is all
my body
and all
my water

our emotional waters, out to sea
out to see

    the big chain of space

between our beings

keep in mind, or in heart
that if you
hold me closer
at some point
i promise
i will let go
Written by
     Fawn and mercy party
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