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Mar 4
.                                   You
                                 s   e   e
                              a mantaray
                   c l i m b i n g  up a tree
          I take a look and see a diamond
      shaped  shadow, casted by a street sign
implanted in the soil, that I   only  know for
a decade and a half. That's when I came here
  with   dreams  that    now     are    forgotten,
     but you succeed to remind me of them
        and your bright   smile   and    your    
               gleaming  eyes cast a light,   
                   a    s  p  o  t  l  i  g  h  t
              ­          on my forgotten
                           ­      and
                                  h                             t
                                  t                                  s  
                                  e                               u
                                  r                          d
causes a drift in t h e  air that    un
MY  F O  R  G  O T  T  E  N      DREAMS
This shape poetry started with another poem called Forgotten dreams
Although I had fun trying to create this image, I think the original poem has a better impact
Carmen Jane
Written by
Carmen Jane  36/F/Seattle
     Hg, Lori Jones McCaffery, nish and Perry
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