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Mar 2019
you said something
about how you wished you didn’t just write
down thoughts in your phone
you said something
about how you were tired of keeping them hidden
in one of your songs
that you don’t often share

but you should share more
i like what you have to say
what you share

you touched my hand today
for a skittering second
when i handed back your computer charger
maybe the cord is just missing some wax
because it made me jump a little

why can i feel you breathe?
why is gravity a little stronger around you
and your big dumb beautiful curly-haired head?

“atlanta isn’t that far away”
neither is your desk
but it feels like there’s an ocean in between
your shoreline and mine

i wish i’d brushed your shoulder on the couch
or touched your painted sleeve
or done anything at all to get closer
at the light show
on the night
where everything else
so briefly stood still

yes i’ll laugh at your intellectual jokes
yes i’ll write poetry for your start-up zine
yes i’ll take photos for free
for you
yes i’ll be there
know i’m fragile though
around you
in your orbit
pulled by your gravity
Written by
sekots  22/F/georgia
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