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Mar 2019
All everyone hears outside
as the loud whistle intensified;
the creeping fate magnified
making us constantly reside

Here I sat next to my bedside
this wouldn't be the first time I cried
helplessly stuck inside
this was happening worldwide

All I did was hug my teddy bear and hide
waiting for my dad to arrive
wondering if he did survive
we never did get to say goodbye

My eyes felt dried
and couldn't help feeling terrified
with a thought that amplified
that he may have already died

An increasing want to lay aside
with my teddy bear to randomly confide
no matter how much I begged, it never replied
angrily launching it across the room, dissatisfied

This place wasn't fortified
but it was supplied
that was all they could provide
as everyone ran countrywide

If only our country allied
though it seemed nullified
it was now my time to decide
whether or not to commit suicide

It would be better than committing homicide
though no matter how I tried
there wasn't any emotion identified
Besides hoping that no will be satisfied

Because this is one thing that couldn't be,
Written by
Jenna  18/F
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