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Mar 2
I dwell under the veil of soliloquy
Univalent I am
meiosis me
I am a chromosomal
Disorder is what the world sees
They calculate my autosomes
And take a look at my five acrocentric chromosome pairs
13, 14, 15, 21& 22
In this Robertson translocation
I swim in to the heterozygous
And phenotypically inherit
The characteristics of a trisomy
I scratch my urticaria religiously
Like I drank some urushiol
Under a lacquer tree
But I see a sun•dog on The horizon
Praising the sundrops blooming synthetic philosophy
It was a syntony of syzygy
I fell into a magnetostriction deformation
Of magnetoelecricity
And as I stare at the labors of my lumbricalis
My palms and soles attempt instauration
And grasp at the horn of plenty
Lord allow me the galactagogue of money
Inject me with a domperidone
Douse me in dom perignon
Or Metoclopramide
I'm prolactin choice

I love the herbals
Torbangun & fennel
Milk thistle chasteberry
Goats rue
They also help sedate the infant on the ******
The flow of milk to the babes lips of silk
Alfalfa, anise
Oatmeal, vervain
And yes marshmallow
Known as the Althea root
To be technical
I'm just saying Lord

I need a breast
  I can **** more
Written by
JaxSpade  M
       Fawn, Perry, mc6lm and ꏳJ LꂦVꏂ
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