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Mar 2
ever so gently.
in this room,
Not mine
filled with
morning light..

Though not seperated
by many miles,
I am
far away from
my home.

I keep telling myself
I can live there..
and I want to...

connections are deep and have been my focus..
Almost half of my years

Unconditional commitment
My life partner,
Once complete.
My love.. my precious one.
My dearest friend, my finest lover.

Created just for me.
Able to play my body
To a comfort unknown.

My Heart to rest
at last.

I dreamt of us
Left one man
Then two

To follow his scent
and found him.
Knew I would bear his daughters,

Knew without question ...
this Definition of Soul Mate

That once belonged to us.

Christi Michaels MoonFlower
   Perry and chimaera
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