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Feb 2013
Life can go by so fast.
It intertwines with time, and it can be gone in a flash.
That's why you have to make life last.
Make a difference in a life, don't just let your life pass.

Cherish all moments, both good and bad.
Walk around with a smile, and your head held high.
Don't walk through life always being sad.
You never know how fast you life will go by.

In an instant you're life can be gone.
I remember just yesterday I told you, "Keep smiling John."
I would see you working at the crack of dawn.
We had quite a special bond.

Death came like a thief in the night, took you away.
Went to sleep for the night not knowing you would not awake.
It was so unexpected, if only I had known it was your last day.
I would have been more prepared for the incoming earthquake.

I will not mourn for you, I will celebrate.
That you died in such a peaceful way.
I may hurt for a while but I'll be okay.
Soon my memory for you will fade.

Though my memory of you will fade away
I will run our trade mark line through my mind all day.
"Keep smiling John," those words will never fade away.
Written because of the unexpected passing of the sound man at my church. You will be missed John.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
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