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Feb 2019
I was so small and he was so big.
As he ran his hand through my hair
it was unfamiliar, like the hand of a devil

then he smiled at me,
the most cruel smile of his
it was feeble, though,
but I heard it

As he came a little closer and
put his hand out from where they were supposed to be
inside me, there was an insecurity

Insecurity that I can't explain
I was a flower that had bloomed beautifully until that day
within his touch, I withered,
and my petals faded away

I could cry so I did, I could scream so I did, but
I couldn't protect myself
coz' he was so big and I was so small and crying didn't help

I've seen so many people with that cruel smile
but he was a different person
as I had grown a little, he left me with so much to bear.
Preeti Karnwal
Written by
Preeti Karnwal  15/F/India
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