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How worthy am I
That You would go and die
And trust me enough to make the eye
I don’t know if I’ve published this poem before, but I know it by heart. This week, I’ve been really thinking about how unworthy I am to be saved. Even now, I don’t know why Christ would die for me, even when I’m still hostile and so selfish. I don’t understand. I know that this should lead me to live a new life, like I’ve talked about before, but right now I’m in a funk, and I’m back in the gloom. Trying to figure that out. - 2.27.19

6.11.19 (almost 6.12.19, like in 33 minutes) - It’s crazy to think that God went ahead and died for all of us, even when a ton wouldn’t accept His Salvation. It’s right here in front of us, right now He’s offering to save your life and take you into His kingdom. Your world won’t immediately be fantastic, we must still rely on God to resist the devil’s schemes to lead us from having faith. We are not worthy, we will still stumble, but God will not let us fall, because He loves us and desperately wants a relationship with us.
Gabriel Bonney
Written by
Gabriel Bonney  16/M/Indiana
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