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Feb 26
some people think love grows old,
but i think
it's more like when your new pair of shoes gets broken in just right.
there's no longer any blisters on your heel,
or that awkward squeeze every time you take a step.
it's like you're walking on clouds,
the perfect fit.
and some people say love doesn't last,
but with you
it feels like a really good pair jeans.
the kind that you wear for years,
even though they get rips and tears
when they can no longer be worn in public,
you keep them around for the house work
as long as you can.
there's always a reason for them to stick around.
and some people think love is a myth,
but i feel
like it's the bite in a cold winter breeze,
impossible to ignore,
and impossible to forget.
it's the lingering shiver that goes down your spine
when you're warm and cozy by the fireplace,
it wakes you up and keeps your heart beating.
and some people think love dies,
but i know
our love is everlasting.
like the smell that reminds you of home,
your nose always knows that's where the scent belongs,
bringing the most comfort with every hint of it in the air.
it's never forgotten,
even when it appears to be.
our love is all these things,
and maybe,
Written by
     --- and zelda
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