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Apr 2010
Have you ever been so lonely that you felt quite close to
And your thoughts went racing backwards to the happy by gone
To the days when you were twenty, fit and sprightly and
care free
And no challenge seemed too daunting you'd try climb the
highest tree? .

Have you ever felt nostalgic and your thoughts went far away
To the school yard in the lunch hour where you used to romp
and play
With your school friends from the old days have you wondered
where are they
Have they too grown slow and settled do they show their
years in grey? .

Have you ever been in a bar room on a night out with the
Felt the lilt of drunk man's laughter an intrusive sort of
And a sudden rush of sadness bring the teardrops to your
And you go off to the toilet where your feelings you disguise.

And back home you think about it in the peace and in the
Whilst the others were so happy I felt down a bit tonight
And you feel you'd one too many and you blame it on the beer
But you've often drunk more liquor and tonight your thoughts
were clear.

Have you ever at house party asked yourself what brought me
And you feel obliged to linger though you'd like to
And the people seem so friendly but you still feel out of
And you get the strangest feeling your's is not a welcome
face? .

Have you ever on the train home after working hard all day
Felt your effort has been wasted and at home you ought to
Whilst the boss drives new mercedes you must struggle all
the way
And about that man you work for you don't have good word to
say? .

Have you ever felt your best friend really not your friend
at all
Why he often pass your house by and he seldom ever call
Except when he is after something and for him there is some
And though he claim you are his best friend in your heart
the doubt remain? .

Have you ever been in the company of a humorous sort of
And there were peals of laughter when he cracked a funny
But the punch line seemed to slip you it went way above your
And you were left to wonder why they laughed at what he'd
said? .

Have you ever watched a young man kiss his girlfriend on the
And you thought him a bit cheeky felt he ought be more
But you silently were wishing he were you and you were he
And your feelings on the matter only sprung from jealousy? .

Did you ever meet young lady and she smiled and looked your
And your ego felt inflated she had helped to make your day
Till you realized much later for you she could never fall
She was just a friendly stranger and no feelings there at
all? .

All these sort of situations you will meet along life's way
And this game of life and living is no easy game to play
In a simple situation a great challenge we can see
And this thing called human feelings is too big a thing for
Written by
Francis Duggan
   Ikigai Poet and Claire Trafton
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