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Feb 26
There once was a tale,
(a legend more like)
Of a girl who lived in a clock.
In between the gears and springs,
Away she was locked

All of her days she worked tirelessly
Every second,
Moving the parts,
Pushing the gears,
To make it tick nicely,
Tock precisely,
Pleasing to the ears.

Never did she complain,
Only perfect timing she did obtain.

Then one day,
It stopped.
The watch did not tick,
Nor did it tock.
Some say she died;
I say otherwise.

She left the clock
Wild and free,
And now she wanders endlessly.

But one more thing lies in the myth my dear
In every watch that ticks,
And clock that tocks,
There is a girl
Chloe Peacock
Written by
Chloe Peacock  15/Cisgender Female/Texas
(15/Cisgender Female/Texas)   
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