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Feb 24
Yo people need to wake up to break up
Stop fallin' for the same **** that's made up
Over a news spill best part of wakin' up
It's not Folgers in ya cup but exposing the corrupt
They get mad though once I talk that real **** so
This ain't a physical but a spiritual battle
most say they real but be the first to tattle
Like we back in kindergarten I'm plantin' my own
Garden of Eden yo who do you believe in?
I'm chilling off the highs of God third eye
Master the craft between a woman's thigh
Raise my consciousness to an all time high
Understand the basics of ****** alchemy
So when you see me youll see God's army
Angels to demons surroundin' me watchin' em like my closest kin to me
Most ain't who they say they claim to be
Sips of Hennessy to better glance at my enemies
In five D dimension strengthen the loosen to aΒ Β tensionΒ Β that muy mind was missin'
I'll still rise over y'all still at me sneak dissin' leave no pain remission

They say Tut chill or they'll threaten your will
I feel like how X feel so I aint got time to chill
Forever holding my chrome steel roll only with the real though it'll cost me me appeal and still
I'd rather die a soldier than a coward
Times a thousand real killaz stay wilding
No smiling but I show my teeth hangin' on pains jewels like a Christmas reef
Commander in Chief of the streets it's eat
Or be eaten the ragin' beast is feasting teethin'
For the lost souls to scold in a fold I was told
The good die young and even younger
Makes me really wonder why I was made to live under
The poverty beltline envisionin' my self on the tables of the flat line
with a collapsed spine
Got **** dreams steamed  from a gory graphic design
Rejoining my ancestors in the skyline
If you count the stars you'll see my battle scars
From afar do they know we really are
I guess not the angel Michael laid me a message
In ****** scripture so I could see the final picture
King Tutankhamun
Written by
King Tutankhamun  24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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