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Feb 24
I am erased,
one I was bold and dark,
standing out of the page,
now I'm faded, erased,

Maybe if you looked hard enough,
you could still see the remains of me,
retrace me with your pencil,
bring life back to me,

But for now I am erased,
faded out,
no one ever reads me anymore,
or see who I am about,

Who erased me?,
it was those words that made me change,
that made me erase,

They said I wasn't worth it,
that I wasn't worth seeing,
and that there tons of new books, people,
that were actually worth reading,

They said my words were in the back,
where no one cared to read,
and that old tree were old trees,
and people only took care of the seeds,

So I erased myself,
and destroyed my scene,
but I let the words be faintly visible,
in cased anyone would retrace me.
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
     Steven, Perry and Suzy Berlinsky
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