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Feb 2019
First day we ever met I gave you a pep talk.
I sat across from you telling you you’ve got to get off your *** and break through that mental block.
Since then I always knew you had potential but so does every joe and sally. It doesn’t make you all that special.
I should of known that loving you for who you could be isn’t the same as actually being all those things that I see.
I looked at you and saw a man with a vision, who was woke but in reality you were just another lame pothead who was broke.
I wasn’t exactly all that either, was just another run away with cabin fever.
Angry at world and disappointed in my brothers for beating my *** and grew up feeling like everyone owed me something which explains the sass.
Here we are ten years later and you’re father.
I thought our son would make you step up but i don’t know why I even bothered.
You’re making a couple bucks above the minimum wage and here I am making an actual change.
I know I shouldn’t compare but I can’t help but wonder why I still care.
We’ve all got our obstacles to get through. I guess I’m just disappointed in all the growing it seems you’ll never do.
Diana Garcia
Written by
Diana Garcia  25/F/not so sunny california
(25/F/not so sunny california)   
   Fawn and Suzy Berlinsky
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