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Feb 24
I –
I am a demon perishing
from fire to fire,
with maggots crawling
over my scorching skin,
thorns ****** into my heart,
horns ****** into my head,
born to bring chaos
a forsaken soul in the underworld,
forbidden to feel Love –
yet my heart fell for you.

You –  
You are made of halo
and sanctified wings –
a creature molded with purity
a creature with precious beauty.
You are a special creation
in this complicated cosmos;
and if there’s more special
about you,
it’s the fate that you
fell in love with a demon like me.

We –
We are the bittersweet
flavor of ice and fire,
ultimately contrasting,
heavenly and hellishly
forbidden to be with each other.
Whenever our lips conspire,
everything is falling apart.
The heaven and hell
roar between us
as we stay together.
Maybe we’re not meant
for each other.

We are torn between
loving each other
and dissociating
with each other.
You rip your wings apart,
throw your halo away,
and discard everything you have
just to be with me.
But I choose to walk away
and dive into the deepest hell
because I know,
Love won’t do anything good
for the both of us.

I love you
and you love me,
but maybe –
just because we love each other
doesn’t mean we’re meant to be.
Inspired by Avril Lavigne's "I Fell in Love with the Devil"
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
     French rose, Pluto, M-E and OpenWorldView
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