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Jan 2013
There’s something burning on the
Blackout strip of highway.
Light and movement
Frozen in a momentary

Her eyes are wide and full
Of the emptiness that
Looms before her.

Nothing moves
And I step with it,
Through the
Shards of suspended glass
That slice open the freezing night

Metal is bent and crushed
Against itself.
But for now, the
Ripple of the
Fatal shockwave

Her eyes are wide and full
Of the light tearing,
Through the windshield
Into what remains of her mind.

I feel the moment
Of absolute stillness
Beginning to slip and I open the
Detach her soul with a
Kiss gentler
Than Life could ever
To save her from
The crushing mayhem.

Take her into my arms. She
Sleeps, as they all do,
Her head against my chest.
I turn away.
I leave the scene of force and
Fragility and, with my
Only mercy
Cradled in my arms,
Have no power but to let the
Scene behind me
Attack itself and
Jillyan Adams
Written by
Jillyan Adams
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