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Jan 2013
There are so many feelings running through my mind
And I want to let them out but I have no time.
I've just been sitting here, staring at this screen all day
Hoping that sitting here would make me feel okay
But it's done squat, nada, niente, nothing.
I just sat here when I could have done something.

I wasted my whole day, a free day for me.
I was so excited for this day, it made me so happy.
But I've done nothing to make it memorable.
It's confirmed that we are inseparable.
Am I happy about that? No, heck no.
I feel confined, like I don't have a mind of my own.
I just want my freedom, I need some space.
Thinking about this problem makes my heart race.

It's done, finito, I can't handle this.
Why'd you have to be such a little b*tch.
When I thought I was set free
You just pulled back on my leash.

I wasted so much time, so much **** time on you.
Well I'm happy to say that we are through.
If only I could travel back in time and start again.
Take back all that time that I wasted.
Time is so precious, it can go by like that.
If only I had known that a couple years back.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
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