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Feb 20
When I was just a kid sometimes I would lay awake at night and through not quite fully drawn curtains a full beautiful
moon I'd see peeping at
But I was struck by the
Silence so quiet no sound
just hanging there In the night sky silently
watching the earth observing
Fascinated by the sheer size of the moon I would almost be memorised by
It's fluorescent glow I could lay on the bed
hours just watching
Sometimes the moon seemed so close I thought
I could reach out my hand and touch It's
But was amazed couldn't understand I'd been told It was millions of miles
away I believed
the man In the moon and thought If I stared long enough I'd seen him walking around on the moon
But as held out my hand realising I could cover the whole of the moon surface with just the palm of my tiny hand but this I couldn't
understand because the moon was millions of miles away so I was
As kid I'd lay for hours watching the moon and
the moon would watch me back
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
     Perry, Terry Collett and Elizabeth J
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