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Feb 2019
“Oh bother moaned,” Mr Ketchup. Its been raining all night. I’d forgotten all about my washing it’s drenched.
“Oh fiddle sticks, now what am I going to wear he thought.”
Poor old Mr Ketchup he was always in trouble. But  this time he’d had only got himself to blame.
Mr ketchup felt rather annoyed   with himself .  For being rather silly.
If only he hadn’t fallen asleep in front of the television .
If only--- he sighed.

After a while Mr Ketchup rememberd doing a spring clean. He storted out some clothes for the charity shop.
Well well he thought to himself off he went outside huffing and puffing dragging the plastic bags of clothes.
He tore open the bag out fell a jumper peculiar looking pair of trousers.
When Mr Ketchup tried them on the trousers on they looked like the mice had made a right meal of the legs. He gashed in horror. Oh bother I'll look like a ragamuffin. The shirt looked like a pink flamingo, as for the socks one short and long.
'Oh fiddle sticks what ever shall I do now he thought',

Mr Ketchup gazed up at the clear blue sky it seemed to be quite warm.
Moments later Ruby the Rude Raspberry appeared with her nose squashed on the ***** window pane. Mr Ketchup pulled the door open looking annoyed.
"What do you want," Ruby the Rude Raspberry.

"Oh", I just came along to see if
you were still alive"
"Oh," how very kind of you he replied sacasticly."
"Dont mention it. she  grinned. I have a rather smart looking pair of trousers. And a shirt to match.
Mr Ketchup glanced back at Ruby the Rude Raspberry. Shook his head.
Mr Ketchup couldt believe his luck. But as he thought. mmmm I wonder if she's after something.
"Oh very well," let me try them on.
Ruby the Rude Raspberry, giggled  a bit.
"What's," so funny now he asked.
"The trousers are a bit on the long side."
"You can say that again. Ruby replied.
Mr Ketchup wasn't amused  in the slightest.
He felt I embarrassed  hurt.
  "Mr Ketchup frowned, I am not wearing those trousers."
"I am," so sorry said Ruby the Rude Raspberry ."
"You could, have fooled me. snapped Mr Ketchup."

Knock knock  as Mr Ketchup answered  the door.
"Oh," Haggis I am so glad that you are here."
Haggis gave him a bag of clothes that he was drying for Mr Ketchup.
"Phew," sighed Mr Ketchup with relief.
"I think they all deserve  a nice cup of tea." Mr Ketchup thought.

Rosalind Heather Alexander
Written by
Rosalind Heather Alexander  61/F/Edinburgh Scotland
(61/F/Edinburgh Scotland)   
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